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Laser Periodontal Surgery

At RomanoPerio we perform laser treatment for certain soft tissue procedures.

Dental Lasers are an excellent solution for soft tissue management such as frenulectomies, gummy smiles, or soft tissue biopsies. Dr Romano uses the Diode laser to remove overgrown gingiva and create a natural and aesthetic smile.

What is a Diode Laser?

The Diode Laser is a tiny machine the size of a pen that provides extraordinary precision constructed from tiny diodes and semiconductors that together form a beam of light.

Lasers have various uses and applications in Dentistry. Dr. Romano uses the Diode Laser for various procedures that involve soft tissue remodeling and contouring. He has acquired this great invention to aide him in frenectomies, gingivectomies, improving your smile from a Gummy Smile and some soft tissue biopsies.

How is the Procedure Completed?

First we would like to protect your eyes from the blue laser beam so a set of orange protective glasses will be provided. Dr Romano will begin by placing a local anesthetic to numb up the area so you can be comfortable and enjoy the movie while he is working. Once you advise him that you are comfortable, he will use the Diode Laser to complete the procedure. The beauty of lasers is that as he is sculpting your new smile, your tissues are healing.

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