Bone Grafts

Regenerative Procedures

Dr. Romano may recommend a regenerative procedure when the bone supporting your teeth has been destroyed due to periodontal disease. These procedures can reverse some of the damage by regenerating lost bone and soft tissue.

Collagen Membranes and bone grafts or bone stimulating proteins are used to encourage your body's natural ability to regenerate bone and tissue in a guided fashion.

A combination of Pocket Elimination and Regeneration will eliminate existing bacteria and allow the regeneration of new bone and tissue to help reduce pocket depth by repairing damage caused by Periodontal Disease.

A combination of daily oral hygiene and professional Periodontal Therapy is necessary to improve your chances of keeping your natural teeth and decrease the chances of recurrence in conjunction with decreasing other health related issues.

For proper dental implant placement, Dr. Romano may need to increase the amount of bone in that particular area. To determine if this is necessary he will examine the area with the aid of our in-house 3D dental scanner (CBCT). Recent developments in bone grafting techniques have made implant treatment possible in cases that would have been impossible just a few years ago.

Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR): Removing a Tooth or Multiple Teeth

Bone Grafting are used to help aid in the healing process of bone in a protected and guided way.
Dr. Romano’s preferred method is to place a bone graft on the same visit that the tooth is extracted; this will prevent shrinkage and loosing the width, height and thickness of the natural bone so a dental implant or a natural looking bridge may be created to enhance your natural smile.

Different types of bone grafting materials are now available:

  1. Autograft: Tissue is transferred from one position to another within the same individual
  2. Allograft: Tissue transferred from one individual to another of same species after the bone has been properly processed.
  3. Xenograft: Tissue transferred from one species to another species
  4. Alloplast: A synthetic graft or inert foreign body implanted into tissue

At RomanoPerio we only use Allograft

Aesthetic Bridges

The bone regeneration can enhance the gingival architecture and help establish a natural smile. A combination of bone grafts and collagen membranes are used at the time of tooth extraction to prevent shrinkage of your natural bone. Once it has healed; your gingiva (Gum) below the bridge will have a natural and healthy looking appearance.

Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR): Keeping Your Teeth

Guided Tissue Regeneration is a delicate procedure done to re-create new bone, gingiva and support around your teeth when periodontal disease has affected them. Its aim is to help you maintain your natural teeth.
A minor surgery is made to access the diseased bone surrounding your tooth, followed by the complete removal of toxins, calculus and diseased tissue to allow better visibility of your healthy bone.

New bone and a Collagen membrane are placed to re-create your lost bone and gingiva.

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