Dental Implants

Dental Implants are the most advanced treatment for replacing one tooth or multiple missing teeth.

Unlike many other dental restorations, a Dental Implant is an independent unit that does NOT depend on any of your natural teeth for its support. Dental Implants are very predictable and have an excellent long term prognosis. They improve your personal appearance and restore your confidence as they look and feel just like your natural teeth.

Dental Implant treatment depends on the quality and quantity of your jaw bone present. Dr. Romano will create you in a 3-Dimensional Virtual image to evaluate if you are a candidate for dental implants.

At RomanoPerio & Associates PA we have an in-house 3D scanner (CBCT) so you do not have to worry about going somewhere else to have it completed.

  • Tooth has been lost for a long time, and the bone is too thin or shallow, Dr. Romano will recomend a bone graft (bone augmentation) before the implant can be adecuately placed.
  • If it is possible to place a dental implant immediately after extracting your hopeless tooth
  • Is it necessary to place a bone graft before placing the Dental Implant

Once your dental implant is placed, it usually requieres 3-4 months healing to allow it to integrate to your surrounding bone (Osteointegration)

Dr. Romano will monitor your healing process and once it is completely healed, he will send you back to your referring general dentist for your final restoration

Dental Implants: Advantages

  • Implants look, feel and function like natural teeth
  • Implants can restore a youthful appearance to your face and smile
  • Compared to removable dentures, implants provide improved speech, comfort and ability to chew
  • Implants eliminate the need to drill into healthy teeth to support a bridge
  • Prevent jawbone atrophy – the jawbone naturally shrinks over time when teeth are missing
  • Implants will not decay
  • Dental implants can aide the support and satability of your Full Dentures by the denture snapping into the dental implants

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